HypeRate API for Developers

Heart rate based interactions for your game, service or live streaming experience 

How does it work

Users track their heart rate through 100+ compatible devices

HypeRate creates an individual ID for each user and provides a data stream on server

Your services can obtain heart rate data through user ID

You can build services and interactions creating an engaging layer of interaction

What you can build 

Explore our Showcases to discover the full potential of our integration across various domains, whether it's in gaming, video productions, or marketing conventions.

Experience games built with heart-rate-based triggers using our SDK in Unity, and delve into individual experiences in VR or live events that change based on the user's heart rate. With our technology, any service you can imagine is possible. Find our demos and assets here:

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Research & Indie Projects

Kick off your research or indie projects and learn how your users can benefit from heart rate integration.

What’s included
  • Free Access to
    HypeRate API
  • Onboarding Call (optional)
  • Support via Email / Calls
  • Access to Developer Community on Discord
  • Early access to new features
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Commercial Projects

Create unique, heart-rate driven experiences tailored to your vision, supported by our experienced team.

What’s included
  • Priority Access to
    HypeRate API
  • Custom development options
  • Onboarding Call (optional)
  • Support via Email / Calls
  • Access to Developer Community on Discord
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