How to show your Heart Rate on Stream Deck!

We know you love seeing your heart rate on your stream, but what if you need to keep an eye on your heart rate while you’re ingame?

Not everyone has a second screen, and this is why today we’re introducing a brand new plugin for Stream Deck and HypeRate! 

With our brand new plugin you can always check if your heart rate is still in range or if your heart rate monitors is connected. Well, streams can take up to 12 or even more hours - and you should be the first to know if your heart rate is still on stream! 

Adding HypeRate to your Live Stream

HypeRate is the only heart rate app built entirely by the members of the Twitch Community! From Heart Designs to the actual code - all has been created by people who are streamers themselves and care about the community!

We aim to give you streamers tools that support your streaming flow and connect you emotionally with your viewers and gamify the viewing experience. Adding HypeRate to Stream Deck is a seamless integration to hardware that is already on your desk. With more than 20+ supported devices in all price ranges, there is an option for everyone to join the community and create fun ways to engage with your community. All you need is a heart rate tracker - you can even connect via Web Browser and are ready to go in less than 20 seconds ;-) It’s proven! 

How to Add HypeRate to Stream Deck 

With this tutorial you are ready to go in less than 2 minutes: 

1. Download our plugin from Elgato’s Store right from your Stream Deck App 

2. Add your new Plugin to Stream Deck 

3. Add your ID (Case Sensitive!) to HypeRate and Save 

4. Start HypeRate and then push the HypeRate Button on your Stream Deck and that’s it! 

Your heart rate will appear on your stream deck and show your heart rate whenever you want to.

Big Shoutout to IanChandler who created this goodie for you all to enjoy :) 

With more than 200+ supported devices we make sure than everyone can join and show their heart rate to their community! But what is HypeRate exactly? 

What is HypeRate and how do you use it? 

HypeRate is the ultimate heart rate app for streamers! Built entirely by members of the Twitch Community, HypeRate is full of fun features that will engage your viewers and add a touch of excitement to your stream.

With HypeRate, you can easily connect to more than 200+ heart rate monitors and display your heart rate on your stream. Whether you're into high-energy games or just chatting with your viewers, HypeRate is a great way to add a unique and interactive element to your stream. Plus, it's super easy to set up - all you need is a heart rate tracker and OBS, and you'll be ready to go in 20 seconds.

So why not give HypeRate a try and add a little bit of heart to your stream? It's free forever and our community is absolutely amazing! Just don't expect us to offer any medical advice. We're streamers, not doctors (yet).

So, what do you think about this sweet extension for Stream Deck? Let us know on our Discord and don't forget to say hi ;-) 

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