Heart Rate on Twitch: The Ultimate Guide to Stream Your Heart Rate with OBS

Heart Rate on Twitch: The Ultimate Guide to Stream Your Heart Rate in Real-Time

Do you ever watch streamers and think, "Whoa, I wish I could see their heart rate right now!"? Well, thanks to heart rate monitor integration, you can now experience their excitement measured in beats per minute right alongside them! This ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know about showcasing your pulse on Twitch or on any other platform like YouTube (dare to say Kick!)  in real-time. Ready to kick this off? Let's dive in!

Why Integrate Your Heart Rate on streams?

1. Enhance Viewer Engagement

There are more than 2 million streamers live on Twitch at any second. Of course, you want to create a deeper connection with your audience by showing your actual emotions during gameplay, even if you're too busy fighting against hordes of zombies. Or maybe just the Horde. Your audience fights the temptation every second to switch to another channel if you don't keep them at the edge of their seat wanting to see what happens next. Viewer retention is everything. Keep them engaged by connecting with them on an emotional level. You love them. They love you. Show them your heart!

2. Add a Unique Twist to Your Broadcasts

Adding a heart-racing widget can be a rewarding experience not only for playing horror games (especially the jump scares), but also Esports Events, Just Chatting, Quizzes, Talk Shows, and basically any game you can think of. Stand out from the crowd by offering an interactive, immersive experience that makes them feel with you! Adding your biofeedback is innovative, and shows your community that you care about adding new and interactive components to your channel.

3.  Boost Your Health and Fitness Awareness

There's a rare bunch of people who keep up their fitness schedule and have complete awareness of their well-being. I admire them. Either way, tracking your live heart rate on a widget for Twitch establishes a non-intrusive way of being aware of your current state of fitness. From understanding your stress level and excitement, to being aware of fatigue and knowing when it's enough, monitoring your heartbeat is a gift that keeps on giving.

Choosing the Right Heart Rate Monitor for your Stream


We worked super hard to make sure you can explore  200+ trackers that are compatible via Bluetooth with HypeRate and OBS, including popular choices like the Apple Watch, Fitbit, or dedicated chest straps. If you have a smartwatch and even if you don't, you can choose from any hardware that fits best to your needs. Check out our most popular choices here: https://www.hyperate.io/stories/how-to-show-your-heart-rate-on-twitch-2023-guide

Accuracy and Reliability

Yes, some pieces of hardware deliver more "accurate" results than others, even though the accuracy is only based on the times per second that data is delivered from your pulse monitor. Chest straps usually have a higher refresh rate on picking up this data, but after analyzing a lot of channels, we can tell you that for entertainment you don't need to get uncomfortable. Instead, get a tracker that works best for you, and that you actually enjoy wearing during your live show.

Comfort and Design

Some devices are more intrusive during gameplay than others. Some content creators absolutely cannot play competitive while wearing their smartwatch - others feel that their arm band or Polar is just too much. It's an absolute individual choice and if you dare, then you can even make brand statements with your watch or secure brand sponsorships. Find something that works for you and your streaming setup.

Setting Up Your heart rate streaming on Twitch

Step 1: Get a Heart Rate Monitor

HypeRate supports a wide range of heart rate trackers, more than 200+ at the moment, with a growing list every day to chose from.

Step 2: Connect to HypeRate

Depending on your device, you need to download the app compatible to your device.
Here are some links:

HypeRate for WearOS
HypeRate for iOS
HypeRate for Garmin
HypeRate for Apple Watch

Step 3: Show Your Heart Rate on Stream

Now that you have set up your heart rate monitor with HypeRate, all you need to do is copy your Link to OBS Studio and add it to your overlay as a browser source. And, that's it! You can now easily display your heart rate on stream.

Step 4: Choose a Widget Style

We provide you with a standard heart rate widget - simple and easy. But of course you can customize your widget with more than 50+ designs, or even add light integrations like Lumia to your livestream. It's actually pretty cool and so easy to use!

Step 5: Engage with Your Viewers

Now that your heart rate is being displayed on stream, you can use it to engage with your community in exciting ways. You could create games or challenges that involve your heart rate, or simply share it with your viewers as a way to connect with them on an emotional level.

Why we're building HypeRate and why it's free

We have built HypeRate as a tool entirely driven by our community. Yes - most of our integrations have been developed by live creators, and even our team entirely consists of content creators or streamers. Our mission is to build the future of gaming and media, and we are proud to be part of the MediaLab Startup Fellowship#12 and have been given the opportunity to provide your with all the things we do.


Spicing up your live stream can be a beautiful and rewarding experience for you and your community. It cannot only help you to engage with your community, but also to become more aware of your well-being. So, go hype up your stream and join our community on Discord today! I can't believe you made it to the end. Stop reading please. I'm done, that's it! Promise. Ok. You're still here. Weird. Drop me a meme at least! hello@hyperate.io

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