How to show your heart rate on LaMetric TIME

Add Apple Watch Heart Rate to your LaMetric

You’re casually streaming Among Us, and suddenly a ghost shows up out of nowhere and scares you almost to death! Is your heart still beating? Check it now with our major update for LaMetric!

We are proud to announce that is now available on streamers favorite smart home devices from LaMetric :)

What is LaMetric Time?

LaMetric Time is an 8-bit style desktop smart clock that can be used to access applications, listen to web radio, display messages, smartphone notifications, or the accurate time and date. You can use it as a standalone wi-fi device as a smartphone is only needed for setup.

Why LaMetric?

Because we LOVE LOVE LOVE LaMetric! Our household features 2 LaMetric Time alone, and during streaming, we didn’t want to switch back and forth to see our own heart rate or frantically pull out our Apple Watch all the time to see if the ghost killed us IRL.

We also think it would be a sleek feature in the background for streamers who don’t want to make space for their heart rate but still add it to their stream.

How to use HypeRate with LaMetric?

1.Pressing the button “LaMetric” in the settings will direct you to your LaMetric Account. (Please login with your credentials)

2.Allow Hyperate APP to access your LaMetric Device.

Search your LaMetric Device and select it by pressing on the Name of your Device (Your LaMetric & iPhone should be in the same Wi-Fi Network)

3. Switch on “Sync with LaMetric”

4.That’s it! Your heart rate should be displayed immediately when starting a session ;)

What’s next for HypeRate?

We got a lot more upcoming news that we can’t wait to share with you!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates or if you want to send us your wishlist with features, then send us a message or a comment.

Check out our Facebook, YouTube, and Discord to also make feature requests or just a chat with us :)

Have a hyped day!

Alex & Henny

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