How to add Heart Rate to Stream with

Add your heart rate monitor from Apple Watch to Streamlabs, OBS browser source and show on Twitch and YouTube.

Whether you’re a die-hard streamer or just looking for a way to spice up your live stream, this article will show you how to use the Apple Watch as a heart rate widget on Twitch. Here’s everything you need to know to get started in 2 minutes!

Twitch is one of the largest live streaming platforms in the world. With millions of streamers competing against each other, streamers look into ways to make their stream unique, interactive and make their viewers come back for more. With countless stream overlays and widgets that you as a streamer can add to OBS Studio, Streamlabs, Xsplit, or any other streaming software, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options. In the end, all you want to do is offering the best experience to your viewers and create content your fans and subscribers will love.
While you may have already seen other people streaming their live pulse, the apps they were using seemed to complicated and needed specific heart rate monitors, watches, or chest straps you didn’t want to buy.
So here’s your Pulsoid alternative that you will be able to setup with your Apple Watch, your iPhone, and any broadcasting software that is able to use a browser source and also comes in any style you want!
With, we aim to offer an excellent experience to streamers with a quick and easy setup that can be done in literally just a few moments.

So here’s the 5-Step guide on how to get started:

1. Download Hyperate from the App Store (currently open Beta)

2. Open the Apple Watch App

3. Press “Start”

4. Send the unique session URL from the iPhone to your broadcasting setup

5. Add the link as a browser source. That’s it! :)

Your Session URL will stay the same even after the stream, and with Custom CSS, you will also be able to change the background color or display any theme you like!

In our Discord channel, you will also find lots of templates that you will be able to use for your stream, and if you feel like it, you can also add your own.
Hyperate is currently in Open Beta and can be downloaded here for free:
With, we aim to offer an excellent experience to streamers with a quick and easy setup that can be done in literally just a few moments. While we focus on a great experience for our users, we also want to encourage professionals and eSport athletes to keep an eye on their health when doing long streams or stressful tournaments. We know that health is for young professionals not a priority in the industry. Especially in the massively growing eSports industry, we believe that this needs to change.
Check out our Facebook, YouTube, and Discord to also make feature requests, or just have a chat with us :)

Have a hyped day!

Alex & Henny

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