How to add your Heart Rate to Beatsaber in 5 easy steps ⚡️

Add your heart rate to your ingame HUD with HypeRate

There are only a few things that are better than playing Beatsaber with a VR Headset on and forgetting the world around you. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy playing with Lightsabers, and also listening to energizing beats and also working out at the same time?

So, wouldn’t it be cool if you could add your live heart rate to your actual HUD ingame?

Developer qe201020335 thinks it would, and developed a beautiful and easy mod for your next Beatsaber Stream!

Introducing: HypeRate for Beatsaber

With this beautiful addition to and already impressive game, qe201020335 went over the top with their efforts to integrate the players heart rate into the HUD ingame, so you as a gamer will be able to check if you maybe should get a break or aren’t giving everything.

So let’s go into the details how to get this addition to your next stream:


These can be downloaded from BeatMods or using Mod Assistant.

Alternatively, you can also download them from their github repo.

BSIPA v4.1.0+
Counters+ v2.0.0+
BSML v1.3.4+

How to use

1.Make sure all the required mods are working correctly
2.Download and extract the files into Beat Saber/Plugins/
3.Run the game once
4.Depend on your devices, follow the instructions here to configure the auto generated config file.
5.Run the game and enable this counter in Counter+’s counter configuration page

The config file is at Beat Saber/UserData/HRCounter.json

As always don’t forget to thank qe201020335 for creating this for YOU!

Community is everything, and we’re incredibly proud to have a flourishing community with hard-working members that create ideas and also solutions to make your streams better and flawless.

See you next time!
Woodryda & muermuer

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