Heart Rate Streaming from your Browser

How to Set Up Heart Rate Monitor for Streaming without a smartphone? New Feature 🎉

Compatibility issues are part of any service or infrastructure today, and there will be almost always some users that experience some incompatibility with their end devices.

Cameras, phones, watches — and it’s no different with heart rate monitors.
Not all users feel comfortable installing apps on their smartphones or have no compatibility with their heart rate monitor.

That’s why we worked on a feature that enables everyone to stream their heart rate in a matter of seconds, right from their browser!

Introducing: HypeRate Web Bluetooth Connection

HypeRate Web Bluetooth is the world’s first web application that enables you to stream your heart rate on any live streaming platform without the need for a smartphone.

Pair your heart rate monitor with our Web Bluetooth application right in your browser, and start streaming in less than 20 seconds!

Works with all heart rate monitors with BLE support!

How does it work?
1. Put on your heart rate monitor
2. Open Chrome Browser
3. Activate Bluetooth
4. Connect
5. Copy Link to Streaming Software like OBS

That’s it — done in less than 20 seconds!

Check out this video to see the installation in real-time:

Why would you stream your heart rate?

Our Discord Community is the living proof that streaming your Real-Time Heart Rate can increase engagement viewer time and create an intimate bond to the community. Especially playing horror games and experiencing jump scares can be a lot more entertaining when the community can see the genuine excitement through the streamers overlay.

What about Heart Rate Widget Designs or Custom CSS?

There are more than 20+ FREE animated heart rate designs to choose from. Choose your favorite from the widget gallery or create a customized CSS design. You have all the options to create a unique design that aligns with your branding on stream.

Do you have a list of compatible heart rate monitors?

All heart rate monitors that support BLE can connect. This includes most Chest Steps, Armbands, and Wrist Bands mostly used for fitness training. This includes Polar H10, COOSPO H808s, and many, many more!

So here’s your Pulsoid alternative with no hidden costs, subscriptions enabling streamers with a heart rate monitor to stream their heart rate without worrying about their compatibility :)

With Hyperate.io, we aim to offer an excellent experience to streamers with a quick and easy setup that can be done in just a few moments. While we focus on a great experience for our users, we also want to encourage professionals and eSport athletes to keep an eye on their health when doing long streams or stressful tournaments. We know that health is for young professionals not a priority in the industry. Especially in the massively growing eSports industry, we believe that this needs to change.

Check out our Twitter, YouTube, and Discord to also make feature requests, or just have a chat with us :)

Made with 🖤 in Munich!

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