How to stream your heart rate with Dead Island 2

How to stream your heart rate with Dead Island 2

So, you wanna stream Dead Island 2 and treat your community with a real-time heart rate widget on stream?

We have created just the right widget design for you, that will make it so easy and so perfectly fitting for your Dead Island 2 stream.

Here's your guide on streaming your heart rate for Dead Island 2:

Setting Up Your heart rate streaming on Twitch

Step 1: Get a Heart Rate Monitor

‍We have covered some of the most wanted heart rate trackers here, and also how it can work with your Fitbit. We support more than 200 Bluetooth pulse monitors at this point, ranging from devices starting at $20 up to your most loved smartwatch. Chose a device you will love to use, and you'll be good to go!

Step 2: Connect to HypeRate

Depending on your device, you need to download the app compatible to your device.
Here are some links:

Stream your heart rate with WearOS
Stream your heart rate with many compatible devices on iOS
Stream your heart rate with Garmin
Stream your Heart Rate on Apple Watch
And also on Fitbit Sense, Versa 3
AND Fitbit Ionic, Versa, Versa 2, Versa Lite
Oh, also have Android of course

Step 3: Show Your Heart Rate on Stream

Now that you have set up your heart rate monitor with HypeRate, all you need to do is copy your Link to OBS Studio and add it to your overlay as a browser source. And, that's it! You can now easily display your heart rate on stream.

Step 4: Get your Dead Island inspired Heart Rate Widget for your stream

‍Here's your beautiful widget ready for you to use - just use this link and add your ID from your device:

Dead Island inspired Heart Rate Widget by - available for free today!

Step 5: Get your community onboard

Invite your community to a challenge - how LOW can your heart rate be while streaming Dead Island 2? Above 100 and punishment awaits! Find some ideas with your community and make it about them. Also, your heart rate. It will be fun, they said.

So, go try something new! It's completely free and fun and just a great way to entertain your viewers!

Why we're building HypeRate and why it's free

We have built HypeRate as a tool entirely driven by our community. Yes - most of our integrations have been developed by live creators, and even our team entirely consists of content creators or streamers. Our mission is to build the future of gaming and media, and we are proud to be part of the MediaLab Startup Fellowship#12 and have been given the opportunity to provide you with all the things we do. is built by streamers for streamers. We build the future of media and entertainment for your enjoyment. Why? Because we can and we do love gaming and streaming more than anything else. I can't believe that you are still here, reading the very last sentence of this blog, that was entirely created to lure you away from Google and let you know that we had created this animation for you. Now go. Have fun with Dead Island. Or... stay, ehrm.. here? At least join our Discord and dare to say hi!

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