5 Steps to create Heart Rate-Based Triggers in Touchportal

What if you could control OBS with your mind?

(link to 🇩🇪 Version)

... or,  if it at least felt like that? ;-)

Like turning off your Hue Lights when your heart rate hits 110 while playing a horror game or taking a polaroid snapshot of your biggest jumpscare on stream and post it exclusively to your discord? 

With HypeRate and Touchportal all of these possibilities are now possible and a lot more! 

Create triggers based on your live heart rate on Touchportal like there's no tomorrow!

While Touchportal is well known as a virtual Streamdeck alternative, there's a lot more that you as a content creator can do with it even if you are not the coder you wanted to become when you were 10. No you're right, that was me, BUT it really isn't rocket science. With just a few steps you can start your Touchportal adventure and master it in no time! 

Step  1: 👉👉👉👉👉👉 Download Extension 👈👈👈👈👈👈

Step 2: Go to "Plugin Settings" and Import Plugin into Touchportal

Step 3: Restart Touchportal

Step 4: Enter your HypeRate ID and Press "Start"

Step 5: Don't forget to save!

Step 6: Go to "Events" and create an Event and give it a sweet name 

Step 7: In the event list select "When Plugin State changes" and THEN define the heart rate you want to trigger the event 

Step 8: Be creative! :) You can now choose from all of the options available to trigger actions based on your heart rate! Feels almost like coding, does it? ^^

What you need to have: 

Touchportal Pro 

HypeRate Touchportal Extension

HypeRate.io  iOS or wearOS

OBS Websocket - OBS Plugin

The will to follow orders 




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