How to show Your Heart Rate on Stream with WearOS

Add your Heart Rate to your Twitch Stream with this free App for wearOS!

Our community asked for it, and it was also our community that put in all the efforts to make HypeRate available for every streamer who would like to add their heart rate to their live stream, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

We were blown away by the amount of talent, ideas, and also developers that became part of our community and help to transform HypeRate into a unique experience for any streamer and their viewers.

So, as already mentioned, HypeRate found its way into the Google Playstore!

Here's your 5 Step Guide on how to stream your heart rate from your WearOS Device: 

1. Download Hyperate from the Google Play Store

2. Allow HypeRate to read and write your heart rate

3. Press “Start”

4. Add this link with your unique session ID from your Apple Watch to your OBS: ID (CASE SENSITIVE!)

5. Add the link as a browser source. That’s it! :)

Yeahi! And this is only because of one talented and ambitious guy called Markus Bender (Locxion) who created the App from scratch and after a bit of testing and sweating!

Markus has a lot of experience as a developer and has already created several other apps for Twitch streamers, of the one you might know is Nanotwitchleafs, which enables streamers to let their audience control their Nanoleafs with Channel Points! Check him out and if you use HypeRate on your wearOS device, make sure to leave him a comment or a rating, so he feels your hype and gets your feedback :)

We've got so many other updates up our sleeves and can't wait to tell you!

Have a hyped day!

Alex & Henny

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