Introducing HypeClips: Automatic Highlights from your Live Streams 🔥

Growing your live audience only by streaming is incredibly hard. If you are taking live streaming on Twitch or YouTube in 2023 seriously, then you know that you need a content strategy to grow your audience. But, hiring an editor is expensive, finding highlights from your live streams take up to 20+ hours per month, and is also not the most fun part of content creation. So, if you wish there was an easy way to create short clips from your streams to post on social media, then we have some exciting news for you!

Introducing: - Automatic Highlights from your live streams

We are super proud to announce the prototype of our new AI-powered live stream highlights tool called! With this tool, you can easily create short clips that showcase the best moments from your streams, perfectly integrating into your existing streaming workflow on OBS.

HypeClips analyzes your streams in real time and identifies the most hyped gaming moments from your streams. From there, it automatically creates short clips that you can use to promote your streams on YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram Reels.

Whether you have been streaming for years or just starting out, we believe that HypeClips will be a valuable addition to your existing toolset, aiming to make your life so much easier as a content creator.

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- Automatically detecting highlights from your favorite games
- User-defined triggers for any game
- Instant analysis of any stream in Real Time (Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Gaming, or any other platform)
- Easy editing on your smartphone
- Instant sharing on social media with ChatGPT Integration for Captions
- Trending Hashtags Suggestion Tool
- Emotional Highlights based on your heart rate (coming soon!)

How can help you build your audience

Streaming for hours is draining even though it’s really fun. Rewatching your streams and putting out content to build your community, really isn’t the fun part of it, but it’s also necessary. Not every streamer aims to grow, but for those who want and are looking for strategies and tools, Hypeclips will help to make their workflow easier and save at least 20+ hours of manual editing per month. With HypeClips you don’t need to create clips on Twitch manually, or hope for your mods or community to do it. Your clips will be automatically created, based on moments from games, individual game triggers, or even emotions. Our AI will provide you with some clips that were probably great, and you will then be able to edit and post them to your social channels, right from your smartphone. With suggestions for hashtags or even a full suggested caption generated with ChatGPT, we believe that this tool will make it so much easier to post consistently on your socials and keep your audience coming back.

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Why we are building

The heart of HypeRate has always been our community. We have supported 70+ community projects for streamers, integrated 20+ tools for heart rate-based interactions, and serve our huge community of streamers with heart rate-based tools to bond with their viewers. As content creators ourselves, we know that putting out micro content from your Twitch, YouTube or even TikTok streams is vital to growing your audience. Making this part easier helps content creators to focus on what they love to do most: Live Streaming! Our team consists of people who are either active live streamers or have been for some time. We LOVE streaming and we love our community.

How to Join our Waitlist

We can’t wait to show the world what we have built for you, so join our waitlist now and become one of the first streamers to use our tool for free and provide us with valuable feedback to create the best AI editing assistant you could have. Our Beta will launch soon and we will invite small groups in batches. First come, first serve! ;-) We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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