How to change your light setup with your heart rate 💡

Turn your Heartbeat into a lightshow with HypeRate & LumiaStream!

What if you could dim the lights when your heart rate shows a relaxing 60bpm while playing cozy games? Or start a crazy lightshow when you’re going crazy about the new Phasmophobia update? With HypeRate you can now do all of that and even more. Actually, do whatever you want and automate your lighting environment in your Twitch, Facebook or YouTube Stream however you like :)

Turn off the lights, Turn on the lights, Change Color — all the possibilities are now available with LumiaStream, Touchportal and HypeRate!

How to use LumiaStream with HypeRate

Easy. Example ;)


We hope you like this new possibility to make use of your heart rate live on stream, and if oyu have any questions join our Discord! We’re happy to help:)

Happy Streaming!

Woodryda & Muermuer

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